Let it go, Let it go 

Post 5 

Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity.

Let’s start off by saying y’all hear Lil Wayne but don’t listen to him, and that’s okay because his music has always been in my atmosphere for years and it’s also takes me years to catch some metaphors I’ve either never heard or just simply went over my head. 

Now tell them why you mad, son 

Cause doin it all ain’t enough 

Cause everyone’s all in my cup 

Cause such-and-such still owe me bucks 

So I got the right to get bucked 

But I try to not to let it build up 

I’m too high and too better too much 

So I gotta let it go, let it go, let it go

That’s his first words before his official verse on Solanges song “Mad” on her Album “A Seat At The Table” 

We must remember this man has been placed higher up in society since like 15 years old. Placed where you’re constantly judged, can’t necessarily be “care free” if it doesn’t fall into a category that fits your image, and maybe he’s tired but he has so many people looking up to him he feels as if he can’t take a break because we (the fans) can be selfish sometimes and think about our satisfaction before the well being of the artist, we start caring after it’s too late. 

Yeah, I got a lot to be mad about

Got a lot to be a man about, got a lot to pop a Xan about 

I used to rock hand me downs, now I rock standing crowds

But it’s hard when you only have fans around & no fam around 

And if they are then they hands are out 

And they pointing fingers when I wear this fuckin burden, On my back like a muthafuckin cap and gown 

Then I walk up in a bank pants saggin down 

Then I laugh at frowns like “what they mad about?” 

Cause here come this mutherfucker with a mass account 

That didn’t wear a cap and gown 

Are you made cause the judge didn’t give me more time ? 

Or when I attempted suicide and didn’t die ?

 I remember how mad I was on that day 

Man, but you gotta let it go before I get up in the way 

Let it go, let it go 

That’s a self reflection/confession over a beat & it wasn’t really grasped, why ? Because y’all don’t listen to him y’all just hear his voice & know it’s some super hot fire 99.9% of the time. 

  • When I first heard that verse I replayed it then I replayed it again with the lyrics because I heard him but didn’t entirely comprehend what he was trying to say 

This man is alone & we know for a fact he’s going through something with his close friend but it gets disresgarded because it’s a new scandal everyday which is completely understandable. 

I watched The NightLine interview, the full thing NOT what’s just on twitter. I personally feel like his perspective wasn’t respected because it’s almost uncommon and when I say uncommon I mean people avoid saying their true thoughts because stuff like this happens because it’s not necessaryily agreeable so it’s “wrong”. In the beginning of the interview they give an entire description of “Lil Wayne’s Personality” so the fact they were so bewildered that he reacted in such a way is fraud to me. 

Then durning the interview he mentions his point of view on racism, I think he felt as if his music is strong enough to bring racist together because he has all kinds of fans so no he doesn’t on a first hand experience racism on top of the fact he doesn’t do through trials and tribulations that would cause him to investigate the meaning of a black lives mattering because to him it’s clear his life matters, people love him & he’s an African American man. That wasn’t rude to me that wasn’t ignorant to me that’s the truth to me, I rather him speak his mind and not be timid because he’s scared of the backlash, that’s courage.

He finally accepted this interview and expected it to be on his life, music, and whatever else he adores but like he said “I’m not a politician” so it’s like how we go from talking about me to something so controversial.
& As far as T.I goes I understand what he tried to do for his friend but you have to understand this man Lil Wayne doesn’t care about what people think so the fact his friend seemed like he was comforting the world instead of reaching out to him directly, yea the right reaction woulda been a “fuck you”…

Y’all bring up the fact he was on stage yelling black lives matter, but it’s “fraud” no it’s not he understands black lives matter but he can’t relate too it PERSONALLY, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t grasp the concept of it. 

This message was brought to you by …

& here I have for you some Gangsta Shit to listen too for all Real my Lil Weezy F Baby Fans 

Gangsta S**t – Lil Wayne

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Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity

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