This Ain’t Tasting Right

Bro. I’m lost in my own sauce! Although in “I’m doing fine.” I was saying how I’m working at my own pace and expectations just allowing things to be. Well, that is true but I’M [as in myself] just feel disconnected from me. I like myself a lot too and I’m like my biggest fan so for me not to be on the same page as what I’m presenting… it’s starting to grind my gears.

Greatness takes time of course or what’s the saying “things get better with time” and who’s to say I’ll ever really reach this “great” place I refer to but it won’t hurt to try. And! I know my cap-a-fucking-bilities I just don’t know how to present that shit in a way that satisfies my doings. I might still be rushing my life, although time is a virtue it is not by our side so, you know. But in the same instance if I’m hungry Ima eat, it’s no real reason to have sleep for dinner in the meantime especially when I have all the ingredients to make the meal.

“How the fuck you gon solve the puzzle I’m the missing piece. – Yn Jay”

I’m over here in competition with myself hands in the air walking blindly on the side of self sabotage. Real spill it’s like how am I going to outdo my best self[which is what I’m presenting right now, I just don’t agree with]. Again as I write it’s honestly just the fact I’m not done with this phase I’m in and I’m psyching myself out thinking I am because I haven’t worked towards or been able to execute all of what I want. So it seems like I’m not making progress leaving me underwhelmed but that’s also not the case. It’s something lying under that, that has me feeling like I’m significantly out of tune with myself.

All in all I’m happy I’m not the kind of person that gives up on myself because like I said if! There is a level of greatness that’s obtainable to me, how would I know if I didn’t try.

Talk to y’all later. Wishing Everybody Much Peace x Joy x Prosperity xoxo – Aunty

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Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity

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