An Aunty’s Intuition Advice Column

“Hello Aunty! I was hoping you could help me grasp life. More so, your philosophical outlook on our life as humans. It seems the older i get the more waking up becomes a hassle. I’m blessed with the life i was given; i try to make sure I’m humble and grateful. That way i can afford to be nihilistic for a little. Back to my initial question… is life worth living? Or, is living a life one believes has been lived sufficient?” 
Dear Lando, life. Is life worth living? Or is living a life one believes has been lived sufficient. I believe life is worth living as every day, can be different. I would suggest you break your routine even if it’s introducing yourself in new music, movies, hobbies, artwork, books, documentaries, and etc to showcase all the dynamics of life. If you feel like you’re living blindly or “existing and not living” try to incorporate partaking in different activities weekly/monthly that to see how it makes you feel. That way your feelings can stimulate your mind to where you venture off into a realm different than yours and you have something to look forward to as curiosity is often a focal point for me to look something else or it leads me to something “new”. As far as life being sufficient as it’s been lived. I’m accepting that I don’t want all the extras out of life, just comfortability but that doesn’t negate from me still wanting to experience more of the unknown since it’s a lot that’s unknown to me. All in all much love to you! Wishing you peace x joy and prosperity always in all ways! Hope you found clarity within my perspective.  


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