The Bleu Face Company

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“The Bleu Face Company” I’m intrigued by the concept of it. “Why are the face bleued?”, “Why is it so calming in a since?” The tranquility of the clothing shows creativity and gives you the ability to imagine almost. Although I didn’t ask those questions in particular I just wanted to showcase not only the brand but the general “feelings” or the mind of the creator.

The Bleu Face Company Website

  1. What is you’re favorite part of designing? Also do you remember when you had your first vision encouraging you to start designing?

“My favorite part of designing is the process of creating honestly, just watching things go from point A to B to D (which is the final outcome). I got my first vision for designing from supporting an upcoming designer for the first time, ordered a shirt, got it, then just knew I could do the same.”

2. How would you define fashion?

“I define fashion as Art. I feel like anything you’re creating in and bringing creation to life is Art, I feel like Art cannot fail when you put God first, and really work & research .”

3. When getting dressed for any specific occasion or everyday life what makes or breaks your outfit?

“Honestly, My hat… it just completes me. I can’t remember the last time I left the house hat-less.”

IG: @Kommanderkofo & @Luhjulietsavagewizza

4. What’s your favorite designer/brand? If it influences you explain how.

“My favorite designer is Virgil Abloh and honestly I don’t have a favorite designer brand, they’re all equally hard (Great) in their own way to me whether it be their marketing or the actual product.

5. Name a weakness you have?

“My weakness, I don’t really know, I know I’m indecisive but most times that ends up saving the day and/or bettering the results.”

6. What does your  fashions symbolize?

“Fashion symbolizes ART & CREATION to me.” IMG_5330

7. How’s your support system personally involving family and friends? Do they have faith in you? Do they not acknowledge you? Do you find people asking you for free handouts? What’s the most irritating thing you’ve experienced?

“For me its all love. No one is going to have as much faith in you as God does so you can’t really be mad at any negativity that comes your way on the come up. You Just have to stay prayed up, stay focused & keep pushing, let God’s work talk. No need to explain yourself to anyone because they’ll only actions & results.”

Name: Mr. Bleu Face
From: Based out of Atlanta
Dream Occupation: The Bleu Face Company
Favorite era: Anything before my time except slavery. I love vintage-ness.
Unpopular Opinion: I didn’t do any of this. This is all the Lord’s doing.



Twitter: FaceBleu

Kiki’s Kini’s

hello if you happen to google the brand and came across this I’m linking the current new back up IG account while she undergoes business that has the original account down for a second KIKITHEBRAND

Hi, I’m Kiana Davis. I am the owner and designer of Kiki’s Kini’s. My brand specializes in handmade swimwear.

Founder, Creative, and Seamstress Kiana Davis herself.

Kiki’s Kini’s Official Website

1. When did you establish your company?

“I created my company in July of 2017.”

2. Would you like to expand and venture into creating other clothing eventually as you grow?

“I am currently in the process of expending, I added a vintage section to my website last month and I will be adding jewelry for the New Year!”

Vintage Apparel
Modeling is IG: @Lex_eyee

3. If you could, what designer would you sit down with and appreciate advice from?

“I would like to sit down with Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman. They are two great friends who own a swim line together. I love how they focus on women empowerment and comfort”

IG: @devinbrugman
IG: @tashoakley

 4. What made you want to start your business?

“What inspired me to open my business is the fact that I used to pay so much for swimsuits. I learned how to sew in high school so I figured that I should just give sewing bikinis a try!”

5. What’s a Brand similar to yours that influences you to put out quality?

“I really don’t have a specific brand that inspires my pieces. I use Pinterest a lot, sketch my favorite designs that I see and make my own spin on it!”


6. Name one thing that you absolutely despise about other brands & their bikinis, what makes you different?

“I absolutely despise the prices of other brands. I understand spending $200 for a bikini set if it’s quality and made by one person, and not a machine. My bikinis are under $100 and each and every piece is handmade by me, with extra love!”


7. What’s something that gets you going creatively when working on a new project?

“There are so many things that inspire me to create. Watching Sex and The City, going to the beach, and shopping. I get inspired by thinking about the places that I can go, looking at women’s swimwear when I visit different beaches, and when I look at different displays or fabrics while shopping.”

8. Is there anything you learned you would like share, regarding anything you’ve learned within the last year?

“I learned that you cannot let anything stop you. If you want to create something, do it and don’t let anything get into your way.”


9. Where’d you get your name from?

“Kiki’s Kini’s literally just came to me after I made my first bikini. My name is Kiana and my grandpa used to call me Kiki so that’s where I got the first part from! Then took out “bi” bikini and made it kini!”

Instagram: @Kikikinis
Twitter: @Kikiskinis
  • Details/Facts
Name: Kiana Davis
Where you’re from: Morristown, New Jersey
Dream Occupation: Business Owner
Favorite Era: 1960’s
UNWRAP ME KINI (in the colour Merlot)