What is love… 

What is love?

I love the idea of love as a whole.

I’ve noticed it’s different types of love and it’s ways people go about showing love with that being stated why is some love accepted more morally than others?

Love is deeper than a fairytale wedding, or a few photographs with a nice message.

I believe “we” as a generation would be better at loving each other relationship wise if we didn’t rely on each other to give us a happiness we haven’t even gotten a chance to give ourselves. We aren’t completely satisfied with who we are that’s why the opinions of others matter, depending on what kind of person you are, so when we finally get someone we’re infactuated with we don’t want to lose them so you basically fight a ongoing battle with yourself because since we’re young souls we’re constantly learning something about ourselves we didn’t know before and when we embrace these new characteristics it comes across as a “negative” change instead of a form of growth, which also stops the prosperity of a relationship when building it in youth because we’re not complete masters of patience. To help make this process less difficult don’t love anyone until you love yourself, sincerely it’ll make it 10x easier and if the person really see your potential they’ll kind of wait for you to get it together but! Don’t take advantage of that because you know you see their potential as a lover and overdue their willingness to let you get yourself together that’s selfish.

  • Some people have never experienced the non-negative aspect of “love” so hate is the only way they can give their idea of love because they don’t know any better, the only thing you can do is wish them better days and hope eventually they get it together.
  • Its people who don’t know how to display affection at all instead of getting irritated work with them, it doesn’t mean they love you any less they just don’t know how to explain it to the point you know your appreciated enough.
  • There are people deeply in love with themselves & that’s fine too they are fully aware of their lack of a love interest because they have themselves through thick in thin their are not depending on someone else to give them something they can give themselves and they’re okay with that.
  • Some people absolutely positively love the idea of loving you because they know how beautiful yall existence could be but that’s all it is a theory within the mind of a maniac because as much as they love the idea of you guys together they’ll never actually be satisfied with being with you, I know it can hurt but it’s reality.
  • It’s a kind of person that just enjoys the simple things and with that being said don’t ever feel like you’re not doing enough or could do more because they are satisfied, their main concern is just you that’s all.
  • It’s people who are stuck in their ways, let them be, don’t try to change them just love them for who they are or leave them alone.
  • Then last but not least it’s the people who are thankful you have taken the time to love them, respect them, and give them the chance to do the same to you.

I honestly believe you can fall out of love, because if you relate love to other things since it’s unconditional when we’re younger we love a lot of stuff but as we get older the importance of other things become a priority more than other and eventually we don’t care for the presence of one thing in particular, it’s no hard feelings but it’s just not the same and I think those are one of the best bonds to have because they are sincere yall have the best intentions for each other and respect each other that’s true love to me personally (it doesn’t always have to end) but relatively speaking I know you guys get the point. That’s why I think bonds are the essential key regarding any type of relationship being built because you recognize the flaws but the good outways the bad and your accepting of that. You’ll deal with it because we love the person for who they are and see their potential along with wanting them to do good.

Here is a complimentary song that goes with the post, thank you.

Your love is king – Sade

Fashion makes the world go round

Post 8

Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity.

You can dress any way you want to dress, there’s always Someone who’s going to like it along with the people who might feel it but wont give you your props then it’s the People who won’t respect your creative choices when cominbing pieces, those are the regular dressing people who rather see the world with no character because they have no character themselves, but don’t sweat it because eventually they’ll put on something and won’t feel to comfortable do to the fact they’ve teased others and that’s just life. I say this because I have experienced it myself (I happen not to be a complete Matcher as in I don’t dress following color coordination)  I have even said negative comments about someone’s attire & wondered why someone was able to walk out looking “ridiculous” then I realized it was self confidence they are self aware of who they are and want the world to see the self love via fabrics & colors. I feel as if fashion is one of the most disrespected self expressions in the world because everything was so structured previously so the fact so many years later it’s basically no preferred look is still not “normal” to others who aren’t use to change or open mindedness.

My biggest pet peeve is when someone who has no character feel as if they can talk down on someone else’s style preference, I believe even if you don’t like something it’s okay to have an opinion about it but DO NOT KNOCK IT. It might not seem like it but it’ll probably break the persons spirit 9 times out 10.

  • Don’t assume you know someone because of how they dress, clothes can be used to express anything from yourself to your feelings, I get approached many different ways because of how I dress, I try not to let it actually bother me, anymore, but it’s still a “what the fuck” type of vibe.
  • If you like it, please wear it, wear it with pride.
  • When you get dressed make sure you’re putting a smile on your face.
  • If you don’t feel like THE WHOLE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE YOU FIT, take it off.
  • Don’t be a yes man and have your friend out here looking unpresentable, it should be a little logic to it
  • You might just like to follow trends, but because of that do not think you’re better than anyone else because at the end of the you FOLLOW not lead by example, you seen someone else and was inspired.
  • Half of the world that disses fashion the most doesn’t know the difference between polyester, silk, and satin.
  • It’s a difference between Inspiration & blatantly copying unapologetically & that is rude.
  • Designer isn’t always important!!!

When people don’t acknowledge where they get an idea from, it’s okay to say “___ is an influence in my lifestyle” that’s all considered showing love, hating takes 5-15 years off a persons healthspan, do better!

Make it last forever 

Post 7

Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity.

“Females put themselves through misery when they’re in a relationship with a careless man/boy, why? Because that makes them feel important” Some women/girls stay for the simple fact they have nothing else to do, so feeling like they boyfriend/husband will eventually “act right” is an “accomplishment” not even realizing they really FORCED their presence upon the man first of all & second of all he didn’t necessarily change for the greater good just changed how to hide evidence etc if that’s what you want to call it.

I’m not “concerned” but more curious on why some females are so dense when it comes to relationships, my conclusion is … *drum roll*

  1. They don’t want to seem weak because they gave up on the person they are so deeply in love with.
  2. It might definitely be a benefit the girl is receiving, maybe it’s the fact he might have money, might be the cutest thing ever, or even compliment each other well to others so she’s living off of the opinions of society.
  3. They don’t want to “start over” with someone new.
  4. A large amount of the world feels like if you don’t have a man your doing Something wrong, even considered a slight sign of weakness.
  5. It’s a possibility the female might have low self esteem & in her case the good might outway the bad ,barely, nothing an apology can’t fix in their head & an apologies are deeply appreciated because it’s a sign of sincerity.
  6. The fact they can play the role of Joey Franko from Cheaters and find out if their partner is cheating can be amusing to them because they wouldn’t be considered “stupid” since they figured it out so they see nothing wrong with the situation because at the end of they day they’re finding out the truth… eventually.
  7. Maybe it’s about attention, after being publicly embarrassed for instance you develop an audience and people come to your rescue because they’re fascinated in the situation outside looking in & that’s okay because it reassures the female that SOMEONE still cares even if it’s not the person they desire to be with.

At the end of the day we’re going to blame it all on being in love Anyways so to each his own because we all love differently. You never know maybe you’ll be so deeply in love your blind to reality too.

To close this out I give you guys two songs regarding the nature of this post.

From Time – Drake ft Jhene Aiko

Problems & Selfless – PND

Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival 2016 

Some of the best 3 hundred dollars I’ve spent In a long time. The environment is so beautiful & the vibes you come across are instilled in your heart because the strangers you see along with meet are so carefree that it makes you proud to say you’ve taken place in such a chill event, especially since the brains behind it happen to be a misunderstood soul who genius ways get overlooked, When I tell some ppl That I’m going to Camp Flog Gnaw they feel as if it’s full of Ignorance & ruthless kids with no manners, and that makes you wish they were here to see all the kind & sincere love.

I enjoy this event because to know your in the same environment as the people you happen to adore just makes you feel good then you also think about how not weird you are because here is thousands of people enjoying the same things as you so it’s “regular”.

This event brings so many ppl together it’s truly beautiful every time I come here I create many new friendships & I love it because those are memories that live on forever with me.

Here are some Fellow Floggers xoxo

Left to right: @oddbreycuzz (Taurus – from Oakland,Ca) @Caliafrican (Leo – from Oakland,Ca traveled from Northridge,Ca) @Jazlynnrenay – (Scorpio from Los Angles,Ca)
Left to right: @JusticeChardonnay (Gemini – Traveled from Bakersfield) @Brittaineeb
@visionbysonny – His overalls were special because people he came across at the carnival they could write on his overalls. (Pisces – From Dallas,TX lives in Echo Park)
@Crucially_Rapaport – Very Outgoing Taurus
Left: @Rtsyonmmies (Virgo – Traveled from Vallejo,Ca) Their vibe was immortal.
@Siriuslycease (Gemini – Traveled all the way from Houston) @Fvckingdope_ (Taurus – From Chicago) @thatgreenstone (Leo – Lives in Los Angeles) @Rakeemmilesraps (Traveled from Maryland) @akidnameddomo (Pisces – Traveled from Ohio)
Left to right: @Jillowsmith (Traveled from Cleveland, Ohio) @Just_Kyria (Traveled from Petersburg, Florida)
@BadGalMyia (Gemini – Traveled from Lancaster,Ca)
Left to Right: @Jonnyrsvp @El.Stephane (Traveled from San Diego)
Left to Right: @Milothelight @WhoIsChrisKing (Sagittarius – from Fontana, Ca)
“That’s my Bestfriend, That’s my Bestfriend”
Left to Right: @_toxique @teianottia @rawwkarma_ Spice Gurlz Are Back & They’re Better
Prima Donna
NoName – Sunny Duet

Let it go, Let it go 

Post 5 

Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity.

Let’s start off by saying y’all hear Lil Wayne but don’t listen to him, and that’s okay because his music has always been in my atmosphere for years and it’s also takes me years to catch some metaphors I’ve either never heard or just simply went over my head. 

Now tell them why you mad, son 

Cause doin it all ain’t enough 

Cause everyone’s all in my cup 

Cause such-and-such still owe me bucks 

So I got the right to get bucked 

But I try to not to let it build up 

I’m too high and too better too much 

So I gotta let it go, let it go, let it go

That’s his first words before his official verse on Solanges song “Mad” on her Album “A Seat At The Table” 

We must remember this man has been placed higher up in society since like 15 years old. Placed where you’re constantly judged, can’t necessarily be “care free” if it doesn’t fall into a category that fits your image, and maybe he’s tired but he has so many people looking up to him he feels as if he can’t take a break because we (the fans) can be selfish sometimes and think about our satisfaction before the well being of the artist, we start caring after it’s too late. 

Yeah, I got a lot to be mad about

Got a lot to be a man about, got a lot to pop a Xan about 

I used to rock hand me downs, now I rock standing crowds

But it’s hard when you only have fans around & no fam around 

And if they are then they hands are out 

And they pointing fingers when I wear this fuckin burden, On my back like a muthafuckin cap and gown 

Then I walk up in a bank pants saggin down 

Then I laugh at frowns like “what they mad about?” 

Cause here come this mutherfucker with a mass account 

That didn’t wear a cap and gown 

Are you made cause the judge didn’t give me more time ? 

Or when I attempted suicide and didn’t die ?

 I remember how mad I was on that day 

Man, but you gotta let it go before I get up in the way 

Let it go, let it go 

That’s a self reflection/confession over a beat & it wasn’t really grasped, why ? Because y’all don’t listen to him y’all just hear his voice & know it’s some super hot fire 99.9% of the time. 

  • When I first heard that verse I replayed it then I replayed it again with the lyrics because I heard him but didn’t entirely comprehend what he was trying to say 

This man is alone & we know for a fact he’s going through something with his close friend but it gets disresgarded because it’s a new scandal everyday which is completely understandable. 

I watched The NightLine interview, the full thing NOT what’s just on twitter. I personally feel like his perspective wasn’t respected because it’s almost uncommon and when I say uncommon I mean people avoid saying their true thoughts because stuff like this happens because it’s not necessaryily agreeable so it’s “wrong”. In the beginning of the interview they give an entire description of “Lil Wayne’s Personality” so the fact they were so bewildered that he reacted in such a way is fraud to me. 

Then durning the interview he mentions his point of view on racism, I think he felt as if his music is strong enough to bring racist together because he has all kinds of fans so no he doesn’t on a first hand experience racism on top of the fact he doesn’t do through trials and tribulations that would cause him to investigate the meaning of a black lives mattering because to him it’s clear his life matters, people love him & he’s an African American man. That wasn’t rude to me that wasn’t ignorant to me that’s the truth to me, I rather him speak his mind and not be timid because he’s scared of the backlash, that’s courage.

He finally accepted this interview and expected it to be on his life, music, and whatever else he adores but like he said “I’m not a politician” so it’s like how we go from talking about me to something so controversial.
& As far as T.I goes I understand what he tried to do for his friend but you have to understand this man Lil Wayne doesn’t care about what people think so the fact his friend seemed like he was comforting the world instead of reaching out to him directly, yea the right reaction woulda been a “fuck you”…

Y’all bring up the fact he was on stage yelling black lives matter, but it’s “fraud” no it’s not he understands black lives matter but he can’t relate too it PERSONALLY, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t grasp the concept of it. 

This message was brought to you by …

& here I have for you some Gangsta Shit to listen too for all Real my Lil Weezy F Baby Fans 

Gangsta S**t – Lil Wayne

Family matters…?

Post 4 

Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity.

All my family is related to me through loyalty.

As you get older you get wiser, or at least you’re supposed too. As the years have progressed I’ve realized my life revolves around my biological family to the very minimum. I have replaced many blood cousins with friends & I say this proudly.

  1. Relatives take advantage of their role in your life & feel like they can treat you anyway  because in some realm your family is supposed to be forgiven after repetitive emotional fuck ups.
  • I feel as if I can’t necessarily “forgive” you because if you think of it my high school friend that I’ve been knowing for 2yrs+ ,maybe, would never put me in a situation to make me feel like our relationship isn’t placed on the pedestal it should be on top of the fact technically we’re strangers.

If you have love for me & like me as a person you should never put “us” in a place where it could jeopardize our bond together no matter who you are. After you show me your true colors you can’t blame me for not wanting to deal with you because, personally I don’t think emotional roller coasters are fun & if  you put me through that type of stress believe me when I tell you I don’t need you in my life.

I’ll respect your position in my life if you bring me nothing but truth & loyalty otherwise I don’t need or want you.

I try to forget but it’s hard to forgive

– Future / Thought it was a Drougt

21 Savage is the Modern Day Tupac

Post 2

Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity

“21 Savage is our modern day Tupac”
Before I get grief for this just hear me out, I personally feel like he has enough potential to become the next Tupac, generally speaking, 21 Savage is a care free street nigga just like what the older folks seen in Tupac, his lyrics are authentic he has lived the life he portrayed/portrays & he practiced what he preaches .. just like Pac, 21 Savage is far from stupid it just gets over looked because his lyrics are “glorifying” something completely different like 2Pac if you looked at his interviews when he’s younger around 17-19 he was extremely logical but it was over looked because it wasn’t over a beat, 21 Savage takes care of his family and looks out for his bros, Tupac made sure his mother was straight. 

Now, I’m not saying they sound alike cause duh hip hop is developing a new sound overall & since the new generation music doesn’t sound to traditional to people its getting black balled almost, so for me to come out & say 21 Savage is our new Tupac it’s like wtf he can’t ever be compared to a great and in fact he can cause he’s up next realistically if you look pass the beats, really & sound affects, but you gotta remember thats his nitch that’s what he likes to do, that’s what makes him different he’s humble, he’s straight forward, & he gives credit where it’s due cause he minds his business wants to see everybody do good & he is very versatile this man has manage to put out different love songs.. how does that go unappreciated. We must give credit where it’s due.