Accept Accepting Acceptance

Hello! Good morning, afternoon, or evening.

As we prosper we learn to accept the fact that people can & will stress you out while adjusting to the thought that it’s nothing we can do about it. Some people will not see anything wrong with what they do until you choose not to deal with it and even still the problem will be with you and not themselves.

To start accepting the fact that some of the people you absolutely love can be horrendous to your lifestyle can be stressful especially when you have such an over abundance of appreciation for them. Just remember you can’t want to be in someone else’s life more than they want you in theirs themselves.

Acceptance is the finale when it comes to easy living. It’s a thing called good stress & bad stress! Bad stress is stress that doesn’t teach you a lesson to contribute to you not stressing again, while good stress helps you evolve correctly making you stronger in the process.

The cover is a photograph captured by John H. White in 1973 during the Bud Billiken Parade, Chicago.

Better Days 

You know I was told “when it’s going good it might not be that great so therefore when it’s going bad it’s not as horrible as it may seem.” I try to hold onto that mind frame to reassure me better days will come even though it may not seem like it. Just because things were fine and we got use to it doesn’t mean they could not have been better, any struggle is just what it takes to become better.

Optimism is a fundamental but realistically it can be passed as denial if you don’t keep a fine line between what could happen oppose to what is happening. It’s a nice gesture to remain positive though it gives you something else to focus on besides all the negatives around you.

We all go through our own trials and tribulations which is “fine” it’s life there would be no sunshine without rain, you just can’t let your sorrow become who you are because it’ll sike you out and you’ll become use to the unhappiness as if that’s just life and we all deserve a pleasant life.

Wishing you all peace, joy, and prosperity always xoxo.

The cover is from the famous painting “The Sugar Shack” by Ernie Barnes for more information you can read: The History of the Sugar Shack 

Here I have an album for you all to enjoy Sonder Son by Brent Faiyaz 

To lie or not to lie

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Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity

“If you can’t take the heat then stay out of the kitchen.” I take that as don’t ask questions if you aren’t going to respect the truthful answer. 

Sometimes lying is an essential in certain circumstances when the truth sounds unbelievable in certain situations. 

To avoid all confusion I encourage everyone to adapt to being reasonable, considerate, or understanding. Being able to understand where another person is coming from even if you don’t agree is important, it helps you react accordingly To help one build the assurance that there is no reason to lie. 

I’m not giving you the okay to just go test the waters and lie unnecessarily but to help others understand why people lie generally, to avoid controversy. 

It’s so many aspects to weigh regarding why a lie was told. I suggest you consider if you’re as open minded as you claim to be. Maybe they want to sound like the ultimate flawless friend, family, or love. The possibilities are endless just as long as you understand you’re an influence on why. 

Cover art is from the movie “True story (2015)”

It’s a thinner line 

What’s the difference between loyalty & stupidity? 

Who exactly is to blame when you’re put into a predicament that questions your loyals & love? Do you blame the lover for taking advantage of the lovee? Should the lovee be accountable for their own intuition even though it is what we would consider tainted?

“We don’t punish the tiger for catching its prey” -Daniel Caesar

When you put yourself into a vulnerable state is kamra going to be on your side if everything fails? After all you knew the risk, it’s always a risk. 

The food for thought is determining who is at fault because it’s always a lot of fingers being pointed without self evaluation. The phrase Survival of the fittest can be use to best fit the following: 

  • I can’t say it’s necessarily bad for someone to take advantage of your kindness when their mind is wired to do so, that’s just how they are. It’s up to you to see signs along with trust your intuition so you’re better safe, than sorry. Or in this case better safe than psychologically an emotional mess. If you stay true to yourself you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of to such an extent of being broken down completely. 

In a sense as we grow we don’t have to worry about feelings in a sentimental setting so by the time we establish a relationship we’re already stuck in our ways morally. When getting into a new relationship, becoming friends with someone, or even dealing with family! I think it’s good you determine what kind of person you’re dealing with overall so you are able to have the correct mindset  for the particular mind frame you are associating with. 

Cover art is from “What’s Love Got To Do With it” 


Realistically is an adjective that has two different definitions. 

  1.  In a way that demonstrates a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected.
  2. In a way that is accurate and true to life. 

People tend to mix the two up often, it’s keywords like “demonstrates”, “practical”, and “true”. 

“In a way that demonstrates a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected.” Is fiction, a part of your imagination as an individual. It’s made up and followed because it’s not opposed so therefore it can not be wrong & indeed it can because there’s no logic behind it only expectations. Is it unrealistic to set standards, hopes, and dreams beyond what’s practical? 

“In a way that is accurate and true to life.” Your reality will be different from the next persons reality so don’t put them in the same boat as you. A butterfly effect has a lot to do with the way many people live, and because of that they might feel like what is ideal for you is not ideal for them. Again it has a lot to do with how we’re raised for example it’s some things people don’t do in their household that I was raised doing, both might be different but both are also realistic. 

It’s okay to venture from reality in some instances it can be therapeutic. Don’t let anyone detour your dreams and aspirations because they aren’t “realistic” … to them. 

    What makes you, you. 


    1. Heartbreak
    2. Betrayal
    3. Love
    4. Admiration
    5. Joy
    6. Family

    Those are just a few examples of experiences you experience that help define who you become. It depends on how you took in what happened of course, two people can go through the same situation yet reflect differently from it. For many reasons such as how we are raised, what we’ve observed in an independent settings, and the influence of things around us while growing out also.

    • It’s alright to be negative I suppose, if that’s what helps you get through you’re days in a relatively “peaceful” way. That’s your form of Realism you live in state of harsh truth. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t okay yourself you’re just aware of how ugly things can get so you try not to venture far from that kind of reality. Some people just happen to have horrible souls instilled within them, this doesn’t apply to them. Just avoid accidentally turning into what caused you pain/grief out of spite .
    • “The bright side is…” it’s always a brighter side to things because everything is a butterfly effect so without one thing happening another opportunity wouldn’t have came about even if that’s just the truth. Nothing is as disappointing as it seems because when it’s great sometimes it’s not that good and when it’s bad sometimes it’s not that horrible just… inconvenient at the time. You become understanding of that as time progresses and become more accepting since you’ve overcame particular circumstances.
    • Tranquillity, some people just live in the moment then determine their demeanor. You take what’s around you and incorporate it into your life the best way that fits to bring you solidarity because of that your not happy nor sad, you’re just living. What comes with that is a lack of feelings, to others that is, because you know. You know that without the display of feelings it’s easier to live without worry.
    • You can’t judge how anyone decides to heal throughout life. You can only work with them and make sure they keep their head strong instead of tearing them down because you don’t like what you see or hear. Everyone has a back story and depending on circumstances it’ll determine their outlook on life. Some do things unconsciously because that’s just what they’re use to. Everything is a Learning experience, dealing with different people teaches you how to deal with many people as you move on with life.