21 Savage is the Modern Day Tupac

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Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity

“21 Savage is our modern day Tupac”
Before I get grief for this just hear me out, I personally feel like he has enough potential to become the next Tupac, generally speaking, 21 Savage is a care free street nigga just like what the older folks seen in Tupac, his lyrics are authentic he has lived the life he portrayed/portrays & he practiced what he preaches .. just like Pac, 21 Savage is far from stupid it just gets over looked because his lyrics are “glorifying” something completely different like 2Pac if you looked at his interviews when he’s younger around 17-19 he was extremely logical but it was over looked because it wasn’t over a beat, 21 Savage takes care of his family and looks out for his bros, Tupac made sure his mother was straight. 

Now, I’m not saying they sound alike cause duh hip hop is developing a new sound overall & since the new generation music doesn’t sound to traditional to people its getting black balled almost, so for me to come out & say 21 Savage is our new Tupac it’s like wtf he can’t ever be compared to a great and in fact he can cause he’s up next realistically if you look pass the beats, really & sound affects, but you gotta remember thats his nitch that’s what he likes to do, that’s what makes him different he’s humble, he’s straight forward, & he gives credit where it’s due cause he minds his business wants to see everybody do good & he is very versatile this man has manage to put out different love songs.. how does that go unappreciated. We must give credit where it’s due.