Unconventional Beauty, a blessing and a curse.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. if that happens to be the case does “If you’re ugly on the inside you’re ugly on the outside” hold significance still?

“Who are you” artwork by @Bryantdgiles

What is unconventional beauty? “Someone who is unconventionally beautiful is attractive through their defiance of standards, not in spite of them. A trait that is ugly to one person may seem beautiful to another. There are those who are only beautiful in the eyes of certain beholders. What’s universal is the attitude behind the facade.” –Urbanette Magazine

Slick Woods photo by David Roemer

Unconventional Beauty!

Being told our features are strong, being mistaken for a man, or being compared to an animal is something we are to familiar with in this realm of beauty.

Grace Jones photo by Universal / The Kobal Collection

The Curse: It’s a lot of grief that’s placed upon you, people just rule themselves high enough to determine whatever about you based off your beauty. Growing up you don’t find yourself to be as beautiful as you happen to be and being teased about what will eventually become insecurities do not make it any better. I use the word “curse” with all sarcasm. It’s like we must prove we are of some substance since we aren’t whats generally welcomed.

The Blessing: Our true beauty gets the chance to be admired wholeheartedly. Your urge to display Creativity increases only causing you to become better; innovated; free-flowing for it will be accepted more openly because you’re “abnormal”, I use that term very loosely, already. Luckily we get to get our point across and really heard out because the people around us aren’t necessarily for any gain besides what we have to offer as a human being.

Teyana Taylor photo by Albert Urso

Learning to “adjust” or understand that you have different type of facial features can be a journey especially in such a vain era we happen to be living in.

Self Confidence: Self expression gives me a boost of confidence sometimes I feel I do not look like what society wants let alone my best. With great feeling energy your mood will make you feel invisible in a sense contributing to what an outsider would consider self confidence not knowing you basically had to throw a pep rally while getting ready just for mild assurance. As time progresses you just learn to wear the skin you’re in effortlessly. It gets tough sometimes tougher in different moments because

When you see other women who are given a hard time yet still vibrant in the mind and soul it speaks volumes on how senile the vision of the world can be, as people still contribute to tearing down the persons confidence. I encourage every beaut to embrace what they have it’s people out her that would love to have a look that stands out.

Also as I’ve gotten older I don’t get bothered over snide comments since so many see a different kind of beauty within me. Yet it still makes me wonder why some people feel the need to go out of their way to make me aware of however they feel about my physical appearance from something such as the size of your ears to the skinniness of our bods enjoy what you have to offer to the world.

*Just a light take on my thoughts regarding how it feels to be placed in an almost secondary realm in the world of beauty.*