“Not subject to any conditions”

As I get older I realize I’m to genuine to be involved with people frivolously. I can’t half ass my sincerity so I rather not deal with anything as such regardless of the potential of what could be.

I hate conditional everything that has to do with a bond I share with anyone!

I just can’t accept it willingly. It makes me uncomfortable in a sense and as I get older I find myself finding comfort in people. Possibly due to my lack of family, so any time I invite someone in I try to assure them comfort. I enter every bond with the idea it’ll be long term, long term comes with the ability to understand, feel, and whatever else makes any kind of relationship strong to you but what is that if it’s under certain terms and conditions. Conditional is a lack of respect, trust, and belief.

I notice people love the sense of security I give them but don’t offer it back. Maybe they don’t know how to be unconditional.. maybe all their life they’ve only experienced a bond under conditions that didn’t offer them everlasting comfort and stability.

A part of me always wants to prove my unconditional everything by offering the ability to understand they might need to adjust to the lifestyle. While my wisdom recognizes that some people don’t even care to try.. probably due to a lack of belief and I’d hate to prove them right by removing myself from them completely. When you’re this unconditional we speak of you always end up offering your presence under any circumstances it’s just up to the recipient to accept and or acknowledge it.

I find myself wishing the world was more sincere, wishing people knew the importance of everything they do with emphasis on how they receive people, wishing we took a little more accountability for our actions without having to be reminded.


Post 13

Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity. 

It’s easy to comprehend the purpose of the phrase “forgive and forget” but how easy is it to do? Is Forgiveness more essential when living peacefully oppose to forgetting? Which is more important Forgiveness or Forgetting? Is a grudge caused by not forgetting or lack of forgiveness? 

You can love a person but hate what they did

I figured forgiveness is important because the only heart that’s filled with sorrow is your own. It is its own independent structure that only has to do with you, your mind, and your soul. Forgiving is more psychological than forgetting regarding an emotional aspect. Never let a person persuade your forgiving into condoning the actions of the offender. 

Nine times out of ten when you think about it your “forgiveness” Isn’t as important as “forgetting” to the other party. Not many people see their faults within problems they just look pass any deformed self characteristics, especially if they aren’t usually addressed, because they seen no problem to begin with. As long as you have forgotten what was done it’s a more secure feeling of relief. 

I believe forgetfulness can cause problems because it’ll make the toxins within your life feel as if they can repeat fraud actions. To forget means “to fail to remember” with that mind frame it’s easier to justify why the same mistake could possibly be done again. 

Theoretically speaking forgiveness & forgetting don’t go together. In the perfect world it would be sensible because insulting ones intelligence wouldn’t be done so frivolously. So the saying “Fool me once shame on you. ” would stop after the first fool because you wouldn’t put to much pass the other person out of the generosity of your heart due to the fact you wouldn’t want to be fooled again. 

Overall forgiving is for the soul & forgetting is for reassurance. It’s okay not to forgive if you aren’t comfortable doing so and it’s okay to always remember what caused you some form of grief so you won’t have to relive it. 

Here’s a song to go with the Content you just read.  4:44 – Jay Z

Family matters…?

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Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity.

All my family is related to me through loyalty.

As you get older you get wiser, or at least you’re supposed too. As the years have progressed I’ve realized my life revolves around my biological family to the very minimum. I have replaced many blood cousins with friends & I say this proudly.

  1. Relatives take advantage of their role in your life & feel like they can treat you anyway  because in some realm your family is supposed to be forgiven after repetitive emotional fuck ups.
  • I feel as if I can’t necessarily “forgive” you because if you think of it my high school friend that I’ve been knowing for 2yrs+ ,maybe, would never put me in a situation to make me feel like our relationship isn’t placed on the pedestal it should be on top of the fact technically we’re strangers.

If you have love for me & like me as a person you should never put “us” in a place where it could jeopardize our bond together no matter who you are. After you show me your true colors you can’t blame me for not wanting to deal with you because, personally I don’t think emotional roller coasters are fun & if  you put me through that type of stress believe me when I tell you I don’t need you in my life.

I’ll respect your position in my life if you bring me nothing but truth & loyalty otherwise I don’t need or want you.

I try to forget but it’s hard to forgive

– Future / Thought it was a Drougt