Realistically is an adjective that has two different definitions. 

  1.  In a way that demonstrates a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected.
  2. In a way that is accurate and true to life. 

People tend to mix the two up often, it’s keywords like “demonstrates”, “practical”, and “true”. 

“In a way that demonstrates a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected.” Is fiction, a part of your imagination as an individual. It’s made up and followed because it’s not opposed so therefore it can not be wrong & indeed it can because there’s no logic behind it only expectations. Is it unrealistic to set standards, hopes, and dreams beyond what’s practical? 

“In a way that is accurate and true to life.” Your reality will be different from the next persons reality so don’t put them in the same boat as you. A butterfly effect has a lot to do with the way many people live, and because of that they might feel like what is ideal for you is not ideal for them. Again it has a lot to do with how we’re raised for example it’s some things people don’t do in their household that I was raised doing, both might be different but both are also realistic. 

It’s okay to venture from reality in some instances it can be therapeutic. Don’t let anyone detour your dreams and aspirations because they aren’t “realistic” … to them. 

    Fashion makes the world go round

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    Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity.

    You can dress any way you want to dress, there’s always Someone who’s going to like it along with the people who might feel it but wont give you your props then it’s the People who won’t respect your creative choices when cominbing pieces, those are the regular dressing people who rather see the world with no character because they have no character themselves, but don’t sweat it because eventually they’ll put on something and won’t feel to comfortable do to the fact they’ve teased others and that’s just life. I say this because I have experienced it myself (I happen not to be a complete Matcher as in I don’t dress following color coordination)  I have even said negative comments about someone’s attire & wondered why someone was able to walk out looking “ridiculous” then I realized it was self confidence they are self aware of who they are and want the world to see the self love via fabrics & colors. I feel as if fashion is one of the most disrespected self expressions in the world because everything was so structured previously so the fact so many years later it’s basically no preferred look is still not “normal” to others who aren’t use to change or open mindedness.

    My biggest pet peeve is when someone who has no character feel as if they can talk down on someone else’s style preference, I believe even if you don’t like something it’s okay to have an opinion about it but DO NOT KNOCK IT. It might not seem like it but it’ll probably break the persons spirit 9 times out 10.

    • Don’t assume you know someone because of how they dress, clothes can be used to express anything from yourself to your feelings, I get approached many different ways because of how I dress, I try not to let it actually bother me, anymore, but it’s still a “what the fuck” type of vibe.
    • If you like it, please wear it, wear it with pride.
    • When you get dressed make sure you’re putting a smile on your face.
    • If you don’t feel like THE WHOLE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE YOU FIT, take it off.
    • Don’t be a yes man and have your friend out here looking unpresentable, it should be a little logic to it
    • You might just like to follow trends, but because of that do not think you’re better than anyone else because at the end of the you FOLLOW not lead by example, you seen someone else and was inspired.
    • Half of the world that disses fashion the most doesn’t know the difference between polyester, silk, and satin.
    • It’s a difference between Inspiration & blatantly copying unapologetically & that is rude.
    • Designer isn’t always important!!!

    When people don’t acknowledge where they get an idea from, it’s okay to say “___ is an influence in my lifestyle” that’s all considered showing love, hating takes 5-15 years off a persons healthspan, do better!

    Make it last forever 

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    Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity.

    “Females put themselves through misery when they’re in a relationship with a careless man/boy, why? Because that makes them feel important” Some women/girls stay for the simple fact they have nothing else to do, so feeling like they boyfriend/husband will eventually “act right” is an “accomplishment” not even realizing they really FORCED their presence upon the man first of all & second of all he didn’t necessarily change for the greater good just changed how to hide evidence etc if that’s what you want to call it.

    I’m not “concerned” but more curious on why some females are so dense when it comes to relationships, my conclusion is … *drum roll*

    1. They don’t want to seem weak because they gave up on the person they are so deeply in love with.
    2. It might definitely be a benefit the girl is receiving, maybe it’s the fact he might have money, might be the cutest thing ever, or even compliment each other well to others so she’s living off of the opinions of society.
    3. They don’t want to “start over” with someone new.
    4. A large amount of the world feels like if you don’t have a man your doing Something wrong, even considered a slight sign of weakness.
    5. It’s a possibility the female might have low self esteem & in her case the good might outway the bad ,barely, nothing an apology can’t fix in their head & an apologies are deeply appreciated because it’s a sign of sincerity.
    6. The fact they can play the role of Joey Franko from Cheaters and find out if their partner is cheating can be amusing to them because they wouldn’t be considered “stupid” since they figured it out so they see nothing wrong with the situation because at the end of they day they’re finding out the truth… eventually.
    7. Maybe it’s about attention, after being publicly embarrassed for instance you develop an audience and people come to your rescue because they’re fascinated in the situation outside looking in & that’s okay because it reassures the female that SOMEONE still cares even if it’s not the person they desire to be with.

    At the end of the day we’re going to blame it all on being in love Anyways so to each his own because we all love differently. You never know maybe you’ll be so deeply in love your blind to reality too.

    To close this out I give you guys two songs regarding the nature of this post.

    From Time – Drake ft Jhene Aiko

    Problems & Selfless – PND