To whom, to those, to all! For what!

Being “misunderstood” plus unwilling to compromise I wonder do I still serve my purpose. I believe I was created to rebuild the mind of! I’ll sacrifice myself on behalf of producing a new mind, outlook on life, anything. I’m willing to give since I know the take will forever stand in the way of your thoughts.

I don’t recommend this to everyone, I’m okay because I can rebuild myself, when I what you can say “destroy” myself in a sense. In this process I also learn the reasons and motives of others making me be more understanding overall therefore the next person I come across can also gain a new level of mental/emotional, understanding.

I’m not sure why I feel the need to make this my responsibility, I take that back. I do this because it’s a lack of open-mess worldwide so if I can stress the aspects of difference being perfectly fine it’s the least I can do. It’s a way of helping develop the process of “understanding” become easier.

Trial and error taught me most of, as in 60% including my mother & sister being open with their trial and errors to go off of boosting it to probably 87%, not everyone is able to make mistakes.. openly. Let alone be okay with making a mistake and having the time to actually learn something from it. So the fact I can take advantage of that on behalf of those not able to you begin to think of it like you’re just doing a favor.

Now The mind is so complex even when people “think” they’ve disregarded what I’ve done keyword being WILLINGLY they go back on it trying to make it not make sense… essentially just making it make sense but not admitting it.. or at least admitting it openly. Which is fine. I don’t do it for notoriety but I figured out the discrepancy on why some people don’t favor me.

& With all the good comes the bad.

Unfortunately my biggest pet peeve when doing all this is some people are just unperceptive and it’s sad. I understood it’s the concept of being guarded. Being so closed off in order to “protect” yourself can eventually be equivalent to looking out a window with your eyes closed. You miss out on everything and just reiterate the idea of being scared of… whatever. All this is fine by the way I’m not here to tell you it’s wrong but to STRESS you can use me, whether it be in secret, bi-weekly, everyday. As a bit of “guidance” in many aspects of life as I continue learning as I live.

& all this applies to anything. I’m speaking on behalf of dealing with others for the most part.

I wonder does all that get overshadowed because of who I am and how I choose to be…

Unconventional Beauty, a blessing and a curse.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. if that happens to be the case does “If you’re ugly on the inside you’re ugly on the outside” hold significance still?

“Who are you” artwork by @Bryantdgiles

What is unconventional beauty? “Someone who is unconventionally beautiful is attractive through their defiance of standards, not in spite of them. A trait that is ugly to one person may seem beautiful to another. There are those who are only beautiful in the eyes of certain beholders. What’s universal is the attitude behind the facade.” –Urbanette Magazine

Slick Woods photo by David Roemer

Unconventional Beauty!

Being told our features are strong, being mistaken for a man, or being compared to an animal is something we are to familiar with in this realm of beauty.

Grace Jones photo by Universal / The Kobal Collection

The Curse: It’s a lot of grief that’s placed upon you, people just rule themselves high enough to determine whatever about you based off your beauty. Growing up you don’t find yourself to be as beautiful as you happen to be and being teased about what will eventually become insecurities do not make it any better. I use the word “curse” with all sarcasm. It’s like we must prove we are of some substance since we aren’t whats generally welcomed.

The Blessing: Our true beauty gets the chance to be admired wholeheartedly. Your urge to display Creativity increases only causing you to become better; innovated; free-flowing for it will be accepted more openly because you’re “abnormal”, I use that term very loosely, already. Luckily we get to get our point across and really heard out because the people around us aren’t necessarily for any gain besides what we have to offer as a human being.

Teyana Taylor photo by Albert Urso

Learning to “adjust” or understand that you have different type of facial features can be a journey especially in such a vain era we happen to be living in.

Self Confidence: Self expression gives me a boost of confidence sometimes I feel I do not look like what society wants let alone my best. With great feeling energy your mood will make you feel invisible in a sense contributing to what an outsider would consider self confidence not knowing you basically had to throw a pep rally while getting ready just for mild assurance. As time progresses you just learn to wear the skin you’re in effortlessly. It gets tough sometimes tougher in different moments because

When you see other women who are given a hard time yet still vibrant in the mind and soul it speaks volumes on how senile the vision of the world can be, as people still contribute to tearing down the persons confidence. I encourage every beaut to embrace what they have it’s people out her that would love to have a look that stands out.

Also as I’ve gotten older I don’t get bothered over snide comments since so many see a different kind of beauty within me. Yet it still makes me wonder why some people feel the need to go out of their way to make me aware of however they feel about my physical appearance from something such as the size of your ears to the skinniness of our bods enjoy what you have to offer to the world.

*Just a light take on my thoughts regarding how it feels to be placed in an almost secondary realm in the world of beauty.*

The Bleu Face Company

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“The Bleu Face Company” I’m intrigued by the concept of it. “Why are the face bleued?”, “Why is it so calming in a since?” The tranquility of the clothing shows creativity and gives you the ability to imagine almost. Although I didn’t ask those questions in particular I just wanted to showcase not only the brand but the general “feelings” or the mind of the creator.

The Bleu Face Company Website

  1. What is you’re favorite part of designing? Also do you remember when you had your first vision encouraging you to start designing?

“My favorite part of designing is the process of creating honestly, just watching things go from point A to B to D (which is the final outcome). I got my first vision for designing from supporting an upcoming designer for the first time, ordered a shirt, got it, then just knew I could do the same.”

2. How would you define fashion?

“I define fashion as Art. I feel like anything you’re creating in and bringing creation to life is Art, I feel like Art cannot fail when you put God first, and really work & research .”

3. When getting dressed for any specific occasion or everyday life what makes or breaks your outfit?

“Honestly, My hat… it just completes me. I can’t remember the last time I left the house hat-less.”

IG: @Kommanderkofo & @Luhjulietsavagewizza

4. What’s your favorite designer/brand? If it influences you explain how.

“My favorite designer is Virgil Abloh and honestly I don’t have a favorite designer brand, they’re all equally hard (Great) in their own way to me whether it be their marketing or the actual product.

5. Name a weakness you have?

“My weakness, I don’t really know, I know I’m indecisive but most times that ends up saving the day and/or bettering the results.”

6. What does your  fashions symbolize?

“Fashion symbolizes ART & CREATION to me.” IMG_5330

7. How’s your support system personally involving family and friends? Do they have faith in you? Do they not acknowledge you? Do you find people asking you for free handouts? What’s the most irritating thing you’ve experienced?

“For me its all love. No one is going to have as much faith in you as God does so you can’t really be mad at any negativity that comes your way on the come up. You Just have to stay prayed up, stay focused & keep pushing, let God’s work talk. No need to explain yourself to anyone because they’ll only actions & results.”

Name: Mr. Bleu Face
From: Based out of Atlanta
Dream Occupation: The Bleu Face Company
Favorite era: Anything before my time except slavery. I love vintage-ness.
Unpopular Opinion: I didn’t do any of this. This is all the Lord’s doing.



Twitter: FaceBleu

Kiki’s Kini’s

hello if you happen to google the brand and came across this I’m linking the current new back up IG account while she undergoes business that has the original account down for a second KIKITHEBRAND

Hi, I’m Kiana Davis. I am the owner and designer of Kiki’s Kini’s. My brand specializes in handmade swimwear.

Founder, Creative, and Seamstress Kiana Davis herself.

Kiki’s Kini’s Official Website

1. When did you establish your company?

“I created my company in July of 2017.”

2. Would you like to expand and venture into creating other clothing eventually as you grow?

“I am currently in the process of expending, I added a vintage section to my website last month and I will be adding jewelry for the New Year!”

Vintage Apparel
Modeling is IG: @Lex_eyee

3. If you could, what designer would you sit down with and appreciate advice from?

“I would like to sit down with Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman. They are two great friends who own a swim line together. I love how they focus on women empowerment and comfort”

IG: @devinbrugman
IG: @tashoakley

 4. What made you want to start your business?

“What inspired me to open my business is the fact that I used to pay so much for swimsuits. I learned how to sew in high school so I figured that I should just give sewing bikinis a try!”

5. What’s a Brand similar to yours that influences you to put out quality?

“I really don’t have a specific brand that inspires my pieces. I use Pinterest a lot, sketch my favorite designs that I see and make my own spin on it!”


6. Name one thing that you absolutely despise about other brands & their bikinis, what makes you different?

“I absolutely despise the prices of other brands. I understand spending $200 for a bikini set if it’s quality and made by one person, and not a machine. My bikinis are under $100 and each and every piece is handmade by me, with extra love!”


7. What’s something that gets you going creatively when working on a new project?

“There are so many things that inspire me to create. Watching Sex and The City, going to the beach, and shopping. I get inspired by thinking about the places that I can go, looking at women’s swimwear when I visit different beaches, and when I look at different displays or fabrics while shopping.”

8. Is there anything you learned you would like share, regarding anything you’ve learned within the last year?

“I learned that you cannot let anything stop you. If you want to create something, do it and don’t let anything get into your way.”


9. Where’d you get your name from?

“Kiki’s Kini’s literally just came to me after I made my first bikini. My name is Kiana and my grandpa used to call me Kiki so that’s where I got the first part from! Then took out “bi” bikini and made it kini!”

Instagram: @Kikikinis
Twitter: @Kikiskinis
  • Details/Facts
Name: Kiana Davis
Where you’re from: Morristown, New Jersey
Dream Occupation: Business Owner
Favorite Era: 1960’s
UNWRAP ME KINI (in the colour Merlot)


In celebration of a birthday, we drove from California to Laughlin, Nevada into Bullhead City, Arizona a Bit Back to Nevada ending in Las Vegas. 

  • Day 1: Consisted of a 3-4 hour car ride to Laughlin, Nevada full of horrible friend car karaoke, exploration of the hotel a friendly dinner and a night swim.


    Shirt: Love Hurts Tee · Bottoms: Banana Republic Cargo Pants · Shoes: Old Skool DX Vans


    Friend: Social Media Outlets are @_simplyjazmyn
    • Day 2: A little fun in the sun and Colorado River Relaxation. img_0398

    A portion of The Colorado River in Bulkhead City, Arizona

    Jazmyn & Le’Andre
    The Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas

    Fashion makes the world go round

    Post 8

    Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity.

    You can dress any way you want to dress, there’s always Someone who’s going to like it along with the people who might feel it but wont give you your props then it’s the People who won’t respect your creative choices when cominbing pieces, those are the regular dressing people who rather see the world with no character because they have no character themselves, but don’t sweat it because eventually they’ll put on something and won’t feel to comfortable do to the fact they’ve teased others and that’s just life. I say this because I have experienced it myself (I happen not to be a complete Matcher as in I don’t dress following color coordination)  I have even said negative comments about someone’s attire & wondered why someone was able to walk out looking “ridiculous” then I realized it was self confidence they are self aware of who they are and want the world to see the self love via fabrics & colors. I feel as if fashion is one of the most disrespected self expressions in the world because everything was so structured previously so the fact so many years later it’s basically no preferred look is still not “normal” to others who aren’t use to change or open mindedness.

    My biggest pet peeve is when someone who has no character feel as if they can talk down on someone else’s style preference, I believe even if you don’t like something it’s okay to have an opinion about it but DO NOT KNOCK IT. It might not seem like it but it’ll probably break the persons spirit 9 times out 10.

    • Don’t assume you know someone because of how they dress, clothes can be used to express anything from yourself to your feelings, I get approached many different ways because of how I dress, I try not to let it actually bother me, anymore, but it’s still a “what the fuck” type of vibe.
    • If you like it, please wear it, wear it with pride.
    • When you get dressed make sure you’re putting a smile on your face.
    • If you don’t feel like THE WHOLE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE YOU FIT, take it off.
    • Don’t be a yes man and have your friend out here looking unpresentable, it should be a little logic to it
    • You might just like to follow trends, but because of that do not think you’re better than anyone else because at the end of the you FOLLOW not lead by example, you seen someone else and was inspired.
    • Half of the world that disses fashion the most doesn’t know the difference between polyester, silk, and satin.
    • It’s a difference between Inspiration & blatantly copying unapologetically & that is rude.
    • Designer isn’t always important!!!

    When people don’t acknowledge where they get an idea from, it’s okay to say “___ is an influence in my lifestyle” that’s all considered showing love, hating takes 5-15 years off a persons healthspan, do better!