Do We Deprive Ourselves Love By Not Disregarding What We Love 

What is compromising? Is it an essential in a relationship? Can your relationship succeed without compromising with your partner? Do you agree with the  “You must  Take it or Leave it?”

How can you balance loving more than one thing ? I’m not referring to the love of a parent verses who you’re in a relationship with. I’m saying can you love “partying” for instance as much as you love your partner? It’s been many breakups due to the fact “they loved ___ more than they loved me” and I think if you feel such a way don’t make the person balance their lifestyle just accept it or move on. I’m sure it wouldn’t be any hard feelings after a while understand the loved one may not feel that the balance is important but I also feel as before you entered the relationship you knew and still decided to become “one” with the them. Meaning you were accepting.

As if … you would compromise.

Now don’t think the person who doesn’t want to necessarily “compromise” isn’t going through a battle themselves. They have to debate whether or not they want to balance their love life with the stuff they love or do they want to finish loving what they desire guilt-free. “Do they love what they love enough to not care about receiving love from another person. Ultimately the answer is what many people are scared to do, which is end it. As time progressed it was written somewhere in the rules of life that we must eventually settle down. We must “settle” Without any logical explanation besides to finish help populating the world and keeping humanity alive.

I believe in being selfish, nonetheless especially in predicaments like these, because who has your back more than you? It’s important not to lose touch with what you love because then you’ll be miserably in love and that’s not what love is about. If it’s “destined” to be then all will work out, an unconditional balance will be created, and all aspects are to be respected. That’s the true kind of balance and the real meaning of compromising.

To close out I advise you to go listen to “PRIDE” by Kendrick Lamar off his Latest Project “DAMN.”

The receiver of bad news 

Post 11 

Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity. 

Would you say being aloof contributes to realism?  

I learned not to stress over the truth, but appreciate the fact it was told to me. After a while stuff  just doesn’t pain you anymore.  

Being relatively okay with the bad in life does something to you, you miss out on so many emotional experiences. Those experiences help you with dealing with life instead of suppressing life. I don’t know what being at a solemn state all the time did to me but I can’t say I don’t appreciate it. As I think I would say it made “couping” easier but being honest I think it just contributes to a humble denial because you’re fully aware of you not being “okay”. What is “okay”? 

At the same time you’ve built yourself to be “alright” so how you don’t really know what okay is supposed to be. 

“Bad news” there’s no such thing if you’re open minded. You accept everything thrown your way, most of the time “bad news” is already solidified there is nothing you can do about, so why dwell on it? That’s a life tip to keep you from having a stress overload, but it does make a difference if you’re a realist or optimistic. 

Don’t get me wrong it’s always a brighter side to things and of course some causalities could be avoided if people weren’t selfish but you have to take what you’re given. With that point I emphasize why it’s important to just roll with the punches and not let it break you down but to encourage you to choose your next decision wisely. I’m not saying you MUST be nonchalant or that this is the correct way to deal with unfortunate events, This is just me helping you keep some form of peace.  

To close out I advise you to go listen to “BLOOD” by Kendrick Lamar off his Latest Project “DAMN.”