What makes you, you. 


  1. Heartbreak
  2. Betrayal
  3. Love
  4. Admiration
  5. Joy
  6. Family

Those are just a few examples of experiences you experience that help define who you become. It depends on how you took in what happened of course, two people can go through the same situation yet reflect differently from it. For many reasons such as how we are raised, what we’ve observed in an independent settings, and the influence of things around us while growing out also.

  • It’s alright to be negative I suppose, if that’s what helps you get through you’re days in a relatively “peaceful” way. That’s your form of Realism you live in state of harsh truth. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t okay yourself you’re just aware of how ugly things can get so you try not to venture far from that kind of reality. Some people just happen to have horrible souls instilled within them, this doesn’t apply to them. Just avoid accidentally turning into what caused you pain/grief out of spite .
  • “The bright side is…” it’s always a brighter side to things because everything is a butterfly effect so without one thing happening another opportunity wouldn’t have came about even if that’s just the truth. Nothing is as disappointing as it seems because when it’s great sometimes it’s not that good and when it’s bad sometimes it’s not that horrible just… inconvenient at the time. You become understanding of that as time progresses and become more accepting since you’ve overcame particular circumstances.
  • Tranquillity, some people just live in the moment then determine their demeanor. You take what’s around you and incorporate it into your life the best way that fits to bring you solidarity because of that your not happy nor sad, you’re just living. What comes with that is a lack of feelings, to others that is, because you know. You know that without the display of feelings it’s easier to live without worry.
    • You can’t judge how anyone decides to heal throughout life. You can only work with them and make sure they keep their head strong instead of tearing them down because you don’t like what you see or hear. Everyone has a back story and depending on circumstances it’ll determine their outlook on life. Some do things unconsciously because that’s just what they’re use to. Everything is a Learning experience, dealing with different people teaches you how to deal with many people as you move on with life.