We know what’s wrong but can what’s wrong be also what’s right

We admire the idea of transparency, thinking that someone could be braver than we ever found the courage to be brings us a form of joy. What we don’t like is being uncomfortable or adjusting to the idea of someone else in order to get to understand them better.

Lets establish that we all come from different backgrounds and live differently when it comes to the details of life because of perspective we must understand it’s more than one way of thinking for reasoning. I figured POC specifically have this narrative of we all think as minorities. Not to disregard the importance of blossoming on a higher level mentally we just don’t accept every level of growth because in some world all minorities live from the same common law.

“I dissuade Party members from putting down people who do not understand. Even people who are unenlightened and seemingly bourgeois should be answered in a polite way. Things should be explained to them as fully as possible. I was turned off by a person who did not want to talk to me because I was not important enough. Maurice just wanted to preach to the converted, who already agreed with him. I try to be cordial, because that way you win people over. You cannot win them over by drawing the line of demarcation, saying you are on this side and I am on the other; that shows a lack of consciousness. After the Black Panther Party was formed, I nearly fell into this error. I could not understand why people were blind to what I saw so clearly. Then I realized that their understanding had to be developed.”

-Huey Newton

Do we actually appreciate honesty?

Everyone is pressured over Kanye West thoughts, he was being honest. Don’t we appreciate and value honesty? Often I hear “be straight up” unfortunately when that may be the case but it’s not your type of truth you’re not as accepting. Stop devoting all your feelings towards what people say and give thanks to the fact they said it. Does it not concern most of you that it’s people who save face for the acceptance of the world but think indeed those ill thoughts. That’s so fraudulent, I’d rather know someone’s true feelings and not feed me … lies, that way I know where I stand, how to move forward WITHOUT over acknowledging what I can’t seem to grasp or agree with. People dedicate so much time to making sure “we” feel stupid for not being politically correct when its legitimately deeper than that.

Rarely can, let alone does, someone explain why our comments, questions, and concerns are wrong backed up with more than the justification of “that’s just what it is”, “it’s morally correct”, I emphasize people forget the fact we are individuals and perceive the world differently. The thing that gets me the most is so many barriers have been broken and elevated on behalf of someone thinking differently AND wore their thoughts on their sleeves, just love us, the hate is not going to move you forward. Not to mention those with alternative thinking are often willing to listen to learn new ways of thinking to gain understanding.

P.S. No this isn’t defending stupidity. It’s a difference between stupidity and ignorance, go look the difference. It’s okay to be opinionated, of course, just don’t belittle someone else as justification. You back up your opinions with your theories, relations, and personal backgrounds, if you can’t relate don’t hate.

Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival 2017

Let’s talk about an influential environment, one of the greatest parts about attending this carnival is watching it grow large so beautifully. I’ve always enjoyed the atmosphere because everyone you’re surrounded by is so friendly and appreciative of your existence it makes you feel marvelous. It’s like a huge family reunion regardless if it’s your first experience or have been attending since 2012.

IG:___ssmokeyyy · Saalihah Mays · Virgo · Traveled from Oakland, CA
IG: @Thepromqueen · Michael Tamulewicz · Cancer · Traveled from New Mexico
IG: @clavicle.x · Aquarius · Traveled from Georgia

Creative freedom is a beautiful thing. Sometimes we go through phases of being uncomfortable not because we aren’t comfortable with ourselves but our surroundings aren’t use to a person not conforming for acceptance so it makes you feel iffy. In this case the setting reassures you it’s okay especially since it’s others expressing themselves as freely as you.

IG: @MileCassidy · Mile · Sun-Scorpio | Moon-Sagittarius | Rising-Cancer · Traveled from NYC

IG: @Ariannavalburn · Arianna Valburn · Pisces · Traveled from Atlanta

Originality is to shine bright unapologetically and to influence others to think outside the box. Make lasting impressions on one another simply due to our sense of style.

IG: @Modern_day_esther · Leo • A unique fashion designer who never fails with her unique hair accessories every year.

IG: @AlxxSmith · Alex Smith · Libra · Traveled from Tampa, FL · She’s a Music Blogger and has a website that’s also in her bio http://www.Alex.music.blog

I’ve noticed I stop going specifically for the lineup that just happens to be a plus. To know your favorite music artist are around you and humble enough to stay and enjoy the carnival with fans because they appreciate us appreciating them makes us love them even more.

Standing pretty
A Beautiful Group Of Besties

Familiar Faces
IG: @Quentinvashay (in the middle a Virgo who gives us Art, music, and photography) · The group traveled from Vallejo, Ca

We found the time to do something. Some of us might not have socialized or attended a public event all year just because, so making time to travel whether it was from a completely different state or around the corner to take time to partake in happiness is “A” okay. You don’t even realize you’ve came alone in some instances because you form new bonds with the friendly people around you.

IG: @Gypsyjovanna · Jovanna Kay (Trein) · Taurus · Traveled from Pasadena · Personal Stylist
IG: @Nashumss Alex Nash · Libra · Born & raised in Chicago but now living in La · Filmmaker
IG: @Jahhmeek · Jamique Colon · Sagittarius · Traveled from New York City · https://soundcloud.com/jayferarri/rari-forever-unfinished-2

IG: @Maurijuice · Mauri · Gemini · Traveled from San Diego, Ca · Maurijuice vintage bags and clothing coming soon from the wonderful so make sure to keep up with her.

Special guest included YG during Tacos Set, G Easy, Famous Dex, and A$AP MOB during A$AP Rocky Set, SuperduperKyle while SuperDuperBrick was The Dj at Gnaw Stage & Mac Demarco. It was probably more but you can’t be everywhere at once so you know how that goes.

Illegal Civ had their own section for merch and to debut their short film along withholds films from the contest they held this summer.

IG: Nigerianbombshell · Traveling from Atlanta

The cherry on top is the fact Tyler the Creator is the CREATOR of all of us having a great time. We’ve seen his growth/ character development as years progress and got to grow with him also. Every year he reassures us we can do whatever we want to do with ourselves & be whoever we wanna be! Until next time everyone. Unfortunately I don’t have any footage or photography from the performances due to wanting to enjoy the experience first-hand, my apologies.

Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival 2016 

Some of the best 3 hundred dollars I’ve spent In a long time. The environment is so beautiful & the vibes you come across are instilled in your heart because the strangers you see along with meet are so carefree that it makes you proud to say you’ve taken place in such a chill event, especially since the brains behind it happen to be a misunderstood soul who genius ways get overlooked, When I tell some ppl That I’m going to Camp Flog Gnaw they feel as if it’s full of Ignorance & ruthless kids with no manners, and that makes you wish they were here to see all the kind & sincere love.

I enjoy this event because to know your in the same environment as the people you happen to adore just makes you feel good then you also think about how not weird you are because here is thousands of people enjoying the same things as you so it’s “regular”.

This event brings so many ppl together it’s truly beautiful every time I come here I create many new friendships & I love it because those are memories that live on forever with me.

Here are some Fellow Floggers xoxo

Left to right: @oddbreycuzz (Taurus – from Oakland,Ca) @Caliafrican (Leo – from Oakland,Ca traveled from Northridge,Ca) @Jazlynnrenay – (Scorpio from Los Angles,Ca)
Left to right: @JusticeChardonnay (Gemini – Traveled from Bakersfield) @Brittaineeb
@visionbysonny – His overalls were special because people he came across at the carnival they could write on his overalls. (Pisces – From Dallas,TX lives in Echo Park)
@Crucially_Rapaport – Very Outgoing Taurus
Left: @Rtsyonmmies (Virgo – Traveled from Vallejo,Ca) Their vibe was immortal.
@Siriuslycease (Gemini – Traveled all the way from Houston) @Fvckingdope_ (Taurus – From Chicago) @thatgreenstone (Leo – Lives in Los Angeles) @Rakeemmilesraps (Traveled from Maryland) @akidnameddomo (Pisces – Traveled from Ohio)
Left to right: @Jillowsmith (Traveled from Cleveland, Ohio) @Just_Kyria (Traveled from Petersburg, Florida)
@BadGalMyia (Gemini – Traveled from Lancaster,Ca)
Left to Right: @Jonnyrsvp @El.Stephane (Traveled from San Diego)
Left to Right: @Milothelight @WhoIsChrisKing (Sagittarius – from Fontana, Ca)
“That’s my Bestfriend, That’s my Bestfriend”
Left to Right: @_toxique @teianottia @rawwkarma_ Spice Gurlz Are Back & They’re Better
Prima Donna
NoName – Sunny Duet

21 Savage is the Modern Day Tupac

Post 2

Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity

“21 Savage is our modern day Tupac”
Before I get grief for this just hear me out, I personally feel like he has enough potential to become the next Tupac, generally speaking, 21 Savage is a care free street nigga just like what the older folks seen in Tupac, his lyrics are authentic he has lived the life he portrayed/portrays & he practiced what he preaches .. just like Pac, 21 Savage is far from stupid it just gets over looked because his lyrics are “glorifying” something completely different like 2Pac if you looked at his interviews when he’s younger around 17-19 he was extremely logical but it was over looked because it wasn’t over a beat, 21 Savage takes care of his family and looks out for his bros, Tupac made sure his mother was straight. 

Now, I’m not saying they sound alike cause duh hip hop is developing a new sound overall & since the new generation music doesn’t sound to traditional to people its getting black balled almost, so for me to come out & say 21 Savage is our new Tupac it’s like wtf he can’t ever be compared to a great and in fact he can cause he’s up next realistically if you look pass the beats, really & sound affects, but you gotta remember thats his nitch that’s what he likes to do, that’s what makes him different he’s humble, he’s straight forward, & he gives credit where it’s due cause he minds his business wants to see everybody do good & he is very versatile this man has manage to put out different love songs.. how does that go unappreciated. We must give credit where it’s due.