To whom, to those, to all! For what!

Being “misunderstood” plus unwilling to compromise I wonder do I still serve my purpose. I believe I was created to rebuild the mind of! I’ll sacrifice myself on behalf of producing a new mind, outlook on life, anything. I’m willing to give since I know the take will forever stand in the way of your thoughts.

I don’t recommend this to everyone, I’m okay because I can rebuild myself, when I what you can say “destroy” myself in a sense. In this process I also learn the reasons and motives of others making me be more understanding overall therefore the next person I come across can also gain a new level of mental/emotional, understanding.

I’m not sure why I feel the need to make this my responsibility, I take that back. I do this because it’s a lack of open-mess worldwide so if I can stress the aspects of difference being perfectly fine it’s the least I can do. It’s a way of helping develop the process of “understanding” become easier.

Trial and error taught me most of, as in 60% including my mother & sister being open with their trial and errors to go off of boosting it to probably 87%, not everyone is able to make mistakes.. openly. Let alone be okay with making a mistake and having the time to actually learn something from it. So the fact I can take advantage of that on behalf of those not able to you begin to think of it like you’re just doing a favor.

Now The mind is so complex even when people “think” they’ve disregarded what I’ve done keyword being WILLINGLY they go back on it trying to make it not make sense… essentially just making it make sense but not admitting it.. or at least admitting it openly. Which is fine. I don’t do it for notoriety but I figured out the discrepancy on why some people don’t favor me.

& With all the good comes the bad.

Unfortunately my biggest pet peeve when doing all this is some people are just unperceptive and it’s sad. I understood it’s the concept of being guarded. Being so closed off in order to “protect” yourself can eventually be equivalent to looking out a window with your eyes closed. You miss out on everything and just reiterate the idea of being scared of… whatever. All this is fine by the way I’m not here to tell you it’s wrong but to STRESS you can use me, whether it be in secret, bi-weekly, everyday. As a bit of “guidance” in many aspects of life as I continue learning as I live.

& all this applies to anything. I’m speaking on behalf of dealing with others for the most part.

I wonder does all that get overshadowed because of who I am and how I choose to be…

Uncle Retch 

Let’s start by saying Retch is 1 of those artist that deserves all the respect he receives on a day to day basis.

  • This segment below introduced me to the one and only “Retch”.

Retch – Everything you need to know, May ’15 (Given to us by The Fader) 

The first time I heard the phrase “Finesse the World & Everything in it.” I immediately grew up, mind you I was probably in the 10th grade, but it ended up being a real influential phrase to me I definitely live by it. Retch has kept it straight with us from the time my fanship started, I even did a little snooping into previous years, til now and his tweets & actions keep me convinced. One thing I sincerely like about the man is he practices what he preaches, let alone gives us a little street knowledge in his music. In all he’s what I would consider a honest man, my version of a honest man is he’s aware of everything he does, what he has did, and knows what he’s going to do. Retch isn’t around here fronting for the kids and it’s only right you respect that because he’s teaching us to be aware of ourselves.

As time progresses I see nothing but prosperity oozing out his career which excites me because he deserves it.

I refer to him as “Uncle Retch” for the simple fact he teaches us unknowingly, he’s very generous in sharing the wealth of “Get it how you live” & encourages his supporters to keep going, now it’s up to you pay attention to the game he puts us up on. Yet and still no love lost, even though we don’t know him personally. It’s makes the fans happy to see him evolve into such a influential artist which inspires everyone to keep succeeding because life will always start changing for the better as long as you stay ten toes down, you enjoy it 1000x more as you can see with the visuals he post of quality carefree living.