No main bitch formed against me shall prosper

I owe myself loyalty.

Being in my 20s along with dealing with young men in their 20s, as in grown, their loyalty is not my responsibility or sole concern.

It’s not my job to make sure your love treats you respectfully especially if I don’t even know you or I’m not your friend.

The frustration is always taken out on the “side” bit- which should be least of anyone’s worries. The question isn’t “well how did she entice him?” Yet why he felt and decided to participate in stepping out of his relationship with all disregards of his partner.

I also feel like if you get stepped out on it’s right to be emotionally disturbed but to dwell on it even after being “forgiving” of the situation(s) is pointless when the answer to resolve it would simply be removing yourself from the relationship all together. Instead people want to feel as if they are an necessity when in all actuality we don’t jeopardize things we “NEED” deeming you a want but not necessarily a need which I can see as shocking.

Your disappointment, which gets projected as micro-aggression, shouldn’t be towards a person that probably didn’t even know you existed or! Doesn’t even look at you as someone of importance to the point they wouldn’t want to disappoint you. (that person being the side bitch)

In regards to the women who purse men in relationships, I have no words for them. You’re lovers loyalty still doesn’t have anything to do with them. Overall I’m referring to the women who don’t get the entire truth about a persons relationship status, or don’t find it to be their job to cosplay inspector gadget to assure their love interest isn’t in a relationship and cheating.

Ultimately if a person has a plan to cheat they’re going to follow correct procedures to do so anyways.

No matter how you spin  the situation it’s never the cheatee’s fault.

Ex: If I know a man is in a relationship, I purse him, he doesn’t stop me in my tracks and shut everything down then that’s on him. He’s the only one to take accountability that he didn’t stay true to his partner regardless of intent.

Short Sermon: An Eye for An Eye

People who fuck over the ones who love them often have a hard time accepting love in the long run due to the fact THEY’VE watered down what it means to love someone.

Love holds no significance to them anymore.

Essentially they are simply just avoiding their own karma afraid that what they once done to someone else can now be done to them. They can’t trust anyone because they took the trust people had for them and used it maliciously.

Aside from stunting the growth and finally enjoying the feelings of falling in love or being in love. After given enough thought, if you’ve ever loved someone so much and had it actually sincerely reciprocated, whether it be a friend or lover.. you realize these kind of people probably will never experience that genuineness. To live a life where the people YOU choose to have around you, you can’t trust therefore causing you to settle in suppressed emotions such as anxiousness, worry, and lack there of is a life I can’t imagine. Especially regarding with my friends.

The question is, how do you prove to someone as such that you love them without overstepping what it is to love into manipulation due to the fact that they’re the ones scared of being love?

Wishing everybody much Peace, Joy, and Prosperity! All ways, Always.

Short Sermon: Spiritual Envy

When you become one with a certain stature of self awareness and sincerity regarding who you are, what you do, along with how you treat people it’s hard to not take the actions of others personally.

No one asks of me to wear my heart, feelings, sensibility, or ability to be whatever on my sleeve but I do so because that’s how I flow. I’m not afraid of the hurt that might come with being so receptive. Such as being emotionally distressed, spiritually disconnected, just completely blindsided by the actions of others it’s all growing pains I appreciate when not used against me.

I understand I might sound too good to be true due to me being straightforward and with that I feel as if you should be proud I see something in you to allow you to ultimately share me with you, in any aspect.

When someone gets the opportunity to infiltrate the secure element you’ve created for yourself I feel like it’s done on purpose. That individual knew they didn’t have what it took, yet they decided to move forward and disrupt instead of self assist in the hopes of becoming better or even realizing that something wasn’t for them.


You can not be sensible and fully unaware of your actions. I know you can’t. I take all actions against me personal because retrospectively it’s a form of attack. You couldn’t conquer me therefore you rather destroy. In the hopes you don’t feel lonely at the bottom of self despair since sinking down is easier than growing up.

Protect yourself, your energy, element, and aura because you’re in control of that. People much rather focus on you and create a diabolical plan to tear you down since they see you as the structure they can’t find the strength to build themselves to become what they long to be.

Spiritual Envy is a different kind of evil.

Wishing everybody much Peace, Joy, and Prosperity! All ways, Always.

To match or Not to match

“Match their energy…” “We’re matching energy.” “I’m just going to match their energy.”

Why? Why do we have this idea that we must lower ourselves to prove..what? What is the significance in putting your character to the side in order to prove something to someone that does even equate to you, contribute any good to you, or most likely doesn’t even care about you, and will confuse you reflecting them to you simply “tripping” because if they did it wouldn’t be necessary to match their “energy”.

I’ve never heard anyone say they were going to match the energy of someone with a positive narrative behind it instead of fighting fire with fire.

I assume it’s the same as “treating others the way you’d like to be treated” but maybe not, see I associate that with common courtesy. Where else “Energy” is something much more sacred, sincere, something you ought of protect in a sense.

When we sacrifice ourselves like that we don’t notice how not only is it essentially a waste of time but also how vulnerable we are. We willingly ruin ourselves in the hopes the person, a person, who happens to not have “soul” themselves get its. Which leaves us disheveled because in a sense we lose ourselves on accident and can’t grasp that it was never anything wrong with us but the problem is them, only to turn into them since we don’t feel appreciated. It’s the little things that are able to create a domino effect of trauma. Point is just remember you can’t feel for a person that doesn’t feel themselves.

May the hurt we experience allow us to grow wiser, wishing everyone much Peace x Joy x Prosperity



To whom, to those, to all! For what!

Being “misunderstood” plus unwilling to compromise I wonder do I still serve my purpose. I believe I was created to rebuild the mind of! I’ll sacrifice myself on behalf of producing a new mind, outlook on life, anything. I’m willing to give since I know the take will forever stand in the way of your thoughts.

I don’t recommend this to everyone, I’m okay because I can rebuild myself, when I what you can say “destroy” myself in a sense. In this process I also learn the reasons and motives of others making me be more understanding overall therefore the next person I come across can also gain a new level of mental/emotional, understanding.

I’m not sure why I feel the need to make this my responsibility, I take that back. I do this because it’s a lack of open-mess worldwide so if I can stress the aspects of difference being perfectly fine it’s the least I can do. It’s a way of helping develop the process of “understanding” become easier.

Trial and error taught me most of, as in 60% including my mother & sister being open with their trial and errors to go off of boosting it to probably 87%, not everyone is able to make mistakes.. openly. Let alone be okay with making a mistake and having the time to actually learn something from it. So the fact I can take advantage of that on behalf of those not able to you begin to think of it like you’re just doing a favor.

Now The mind is so complex even when people “think” they’ve disregarded what I’ve done keyword being WILLINGLY they go back on it trying to make it not make sense… essentially just making it make sense but not admitting it.. or at least admitting it openly. Which is fine. I don’t do it for notoriety but I figured out the discrepancy on why some people don’t favor me.

& With all the good comes the bad.

Unfortunately my biggest pet peeve when doing all this is some people are just unperceptive and it’s sad. I understood it’s the concept of being guarded. Being so closed off in order to “protect” yourself can eventually be equivalent to looking out a window with your eyes closed. You miss out on everything and just reiterate the idea of being scared of… whatever. All this is fine by the way I’m not here to tell you it’s wrong but to STRESS you can use me, whether it be in secret, bi-weekly, everyday. As a bit of “guidance” in many aspects of life as I continue learning as I live.

& all this applies to anything. I’m speaking on behalf of dealing with others for the most part.

I wonder does all that get overshadowed because of who I am and how I choose to be…

“Niggas ain’t shit”

Post 12

Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity. 

Believe me when I tell you, in most cases you are what you attract. Unless you’re one of those “we had nothing in common and that’s what I liked” type of people. Now when you share common interest & lifestyles I’m sure it’s nice but people don’t take into consideration that in most cases when you’re in a relationship you get out what you put in. Meaning many women might not notice they aren’t putting in the “all” they except a man to put in because to them it’ll be made up by their other half without realizing that this eggs on a 80/20 relationship. 

The biggest problem is generalization, now don’t say “well those are facts” because realistically speaking many generalizations made about women are more than 50% true, yet it’s not necessarily respected since women feel like they are picked on more unfairly than the opposite sex. At the rate we’re going it’ll definitely be equal, bullying you can say, between both parties sooner than later. I’ve learned many new ways to deal with a certain kind of person after every experience with the opposite sex. Many people disregard the logical aspects, and instead of generalizing the fail of a premature relationship I reflect instead of blaming men. 

Learn to appreciate the infamous “ain’t shit” nigga, they are indeed extremely truthful. I’ve noticed that careless men aren’t appreciated like they should be for instance, they tell you what it is while letting you know what it is not. Unfortunately it is often warped into a forced Love because instead of being accepting of, women try to change characteristics of the person to make them adapt to their needs or what they consider “relationship material”. When you think of it that way you notice that everything was fine before you tried to fix something that wasn’t necessarily broken. If a man tells me they do not want to move on into a wholesome relationship then so be it, I accept it then I move on. What exactly do you get out of forced change except resentment from the other party? 

As you progress with your love life you start to admire the little things like truth. You learn everything is by choice not force and that makes it easier to be accepting. Character traits are important to pay attention to it’ll help distinguish what kind of person you’re with. Remember you can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do that’ll only turn you into an inconvenience. Some people must be taught but the difference between teaching and making is the other person must be willing to learn. 

So think before you say “Niggas ain’t shit” and reflect on if signs were given and you fell victim to denial. Or maybe the universe didn’t align you two for a reason but you wanted to be selfish and accidentally brought misery upon yourself. 

Love is all about willingness 

Post 10

Now before I get started understand I’m willing to receive a lot of hate in order to defend what I’m fond of , respect me for it ! At least I’ll burn with integrity.

Are you willing to sacrifice your own sanity to conform so who you’re in love with is satisfied ? Is it selfish to not want to?

Willingness is slightly different from being selfless, Willingness is a noun regarding the QUALITY or state of being prepared to do something; readiness. While selflessness was addressed in a previous post, Selflessness is an adjective meaning one can be more CONCERNED with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own: unselfish. Personally I would consider Willingness just the ability to know you’re in control of what you decide to tolerate and whether you even want to tolerate it.

When you’re in love it’s a necessity you compromise, right, and along with compromising comes tolerance and the fine line between the two gives you willingness, tolerance revolves around being annoyed but the good outways the bad so the time spent being uncomfortable is….what you can say “alright”, you can complain but choose not to.

I believe that people adapted to taking your willingness for granted but it’s your will, so realistically you’re not selfish you’re just doing what you desire to do.

Understand that a person can be willing but they can just as tired and eventually the willingness will not exist so don’t try to manipulate it, to balance it out and do not take take take I encourage you be considerate. To be willing is not to mind the hurt, be okay with the truth regardless of how displeasing it can be, and always keep the well being of yourself in mind.

Learn to mind your business, you are your own person who consider different things to be “acceptable” oppose to the next person. I’m reminding you of this because people give themselves the right to determine how the next person should react to life and your concern might just be appreciated but understand that’s all it will ever be sometimes. The advice, opinion, or whatever it is does not effect the lifestyle of a person who see nothing wrong with how they are living. Mind your business!